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Partaking in Vaping Competition

Show Off Your Vaping Skills

There are competitions for nearly everything and vaping is no exception. All over the country, individuals who vape are participating in this new found competition. But what does it consist of?

Participants are judged on their puffs of smoke. Labeling them puffs of smoke is a great understatement. What competitors blow out can be considered severely impressive billows of smoke. Since they closely resemble clouds, it has been nicknamed cloud-chasing.

The person who blows the biggest and densest cloud is declared the winner of the competition. Needless to say it takes a lot of practice and a high-quality vape equipment to achieve the best cloud of smoke.

Vape users who participate in the competition use liquid that does not contain nicotine in order to practice. At Dominant Vapor, we provide the equipment and liquids you need to practice in the competition. Our liquids come in a variety of nicotine levels. Whether you are participating or not, our vaping items are great for the novice smoker or the competitive one.
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