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A Statement on FDA Regualtions from our Founder

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By Christopher Wanner
President/Founder of Dominant Vapor

As a 20+ year smoker who struggled with quitting for many years, I turned to vaping shortly after losing my brother to cancer at age 43 and very recently lost my grandmother to cancer as well.  I founded Dominant Vapor to provide a reasonably priced, high quality option so that everyone who wants risk reduction can afford to do so.  Unfortunately the new FDA ruling will effect the industry in the coming years ending it it's destruction.

There are two parts to the new regulations. 

First in 90 days is the photo ID requirement.  We are currently looking into electronic means to be compliant.  This does involve a small cost per verification and may lead to a small price increase.

The second part is the submission to the FDA and approval.  There is a two year time frame for submission and another year for approval (3 years total).  We simply cannot spend $1M to get a single product approved, let alone 70+.  If nothing is changed, we will be forced to close after the 3 years or switch over to a DIY shop featuring our flavorings.

There are those in Congress that know what this will do to the industry and oppose the FDA decision.  Unfortunately there are also those who have big tobacco in their pockets as well.  We firmly believe that vaping is not smoking and that eliquid is not tobacco.  We hope that there will be a reversal or change to the decision at some point before the clock stops ticking.

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