WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.
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How Flavored Vape Can Help You Quit Smoking



The Benefits of Smoking Flavored Vape Juice

When vapors first start out, they tend to stick to the regular tobacco flavors. They tend to overlook the flavored options because they are wary or do not see the point.

There are benefits to smoking flavored e-liquid. The main benefit to smoking flavored vape juice is it helps ween smokers off of tobacco. Much like decreasing the percentage of nicotine found in the liquid, flavored juice enables smokers to replace the nicotine for flavor.

For those who are making the switch, we recommend that you start with the typical flavors such as vanilla, spearmint, strawberry. The beauty of the flavored liquids offered by Dominant Vapor is that they come a wide variety that range from the typical to satisfyingly experimental. Our sour line is reminiscent of all of your childhood favorites. Whereas our drink line will allow you to participate in Happy Hour any time of the day.

Flavored E-Liquid

At Dominant Vapor, we craft our own flavors to ensure vapers have the best smoking experience. Order your e-liquids online today. For more information about our e-liquid and other vaping supplies, please peruse our site.


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