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Vaping and Millennials


The Newest Accessory for the Younger Set

Look around any music festival this past summer or while walking around town and you may come to find that 20 year olds are the biggest casual vape smokers.  This is due to the fact that more millennials are more health conscious that previous generations as well as much more eco-friendly.

E Liquid cigarettes are known to much better for your health than regular cigarettes which has caused late teens and 20 year olds to ditch the cigarettes and go over to vapor.  From a vanity standpoint, who wants to age faster or have stained teeth?  Certainly not the younger crowds. Being green in today’s world is something that many are aware of but none are more passionate than the younger generations.  Being filter-less, vape cigarettes are not prone to hurting the environment through litter.

Discount Vape Juice

In a world where the next best thing is constantly pushed upon consumers, it is important to have variety.  Which is why we at Dominant Vapor offer a plethora of vape juice flavors.  All at amazing, discount prices so you do not have to break your wallet.  Order yours online today.


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