Warning! Batteries + Keys = 3rd Degree Burns

A Texas man is worried people may be in danger after he was severely burned when his e-cigarette batteries caught fire in his pocket.  “It sounded like a fuse going off,” said Robran. "and then there's like fireworks going off in my pants."  His father held up the jeans with a hole in the pant leg with the edges singed from the battery.  “So I had my keys in there as well, and I'm waiting to talk to the lady at the front desk,” Robran recounted.

Then he said he saw flames coming out of his pants as he stood in the restaurant.  Before they could put out the fire, he suffered 2nd and 3rd degree burns.  He said the pain is excruciating.  "I can't walk because the burn is on top of my muscle on my thigh," he explained.  "There's no instructions that come with batteries at all," Robran pointed out as he showed us a purple battery. The lithium-ion batteries are manufactured by EFEST, a company in China's Guangdong province.

A spokesperson stated the company doesn't believe the battery was defective.  Instead they point to something else Robran had in his pocket, his keys.  The company theorizes the metal likely touched the lithium ion batteries' contacts causing a short circuit. An EFEST spokesman stated the company has received complaints from consumers who carried extra batteries in their pockets and posted a warning on its website.  They also sell a battery carrying case.
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