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Quit Smoking without Losing Your Buddies

<h1>Weening Yourself Off of Nicotine</h1>

There are many reasons to quit smoking cigarettes, namely for your health. The reasons to keep smoking can be more compelling to stay. One is losing your group of friends because they have continued to smoke and you have not. With the help of a vape, you can easily ween yourself off of nicotine while still retaining your friendship. Here is how.

You can start at the highest level of nicotine you feel comfortable with in the vape juice. As time goes on you will lower the level of nicotine. Continue reduce your levels until you hit the 0% nicotine liquids which you can continue to smoke.

This helps smokers to continue their “sobriety” as it satisfies the craving of smoking without all the negative effects. It also allows you to partake in the act of smoking with your friends without having to succumb to picking up a cigarette. Nor will a smoking circle be awkward as you stand there doing nothing.

<h2> Customizable E-Liquid</h2>

It is little known fact that vape liquid comes with zero nicotine in it. At Dominant Vapor, we provide various levels of nicotine in our e-liquid to suit your taste. To order your customizable vapor kit, check out our site.

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