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A Resolutions You Can Keep

Kicking Your Nicotine Habit

A New Year has begun and that means many people are making their resolutions to lead healthier lives by kicking old habits to the curb. Many smokers make the vow to quit smoking every year but they know how difficult it can be. You might be surprised to find that an e-cigarette is a solution to ridding yourself of a nicotine addiction.

Rather than quit cold turkey, slowly ween yourself off of nicotine. E-cigarettes have various levels of nicotine, so start where you are currently at and downgrade week by week until you reach the level of 0% nicotine in your e-cig.

The great thing about e-cigarettes is that you can continue to have the feeling of smoking without the nicotine. You can still “smoke” with your friends or trick your mind to think you are smoking without actually doing it.

Customizable Eliquid

At Dominant Vapor, our e-juice comes in different levels of nicotine and a wide variety of flavors. Once you have kicked your habit, you can experience the wonderful flavors of we have to offer. For more information, shop our site today. Happy 2016!

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