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Vaping indoors, Is It Socially Acceptable?

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Vaping in a Public Setting

If you were watching the SAG awards last month then you might have caused a glimpse of Leonardo DiCaprio smoking his vape pen. Many were in an uproar as they felt it was not in good form to vape in public.

Many have taken sides as it being acceptable or disrespectful. While others are suggesting that those who vape should simply step outside. The major problem with vaping indoors stems from regulations and laws that ban it. It is not the same in every state nor do all establishments adhere to these rules. It is a good rule of thumb to ask the owner before you decide to indulge.

What do you think about vaping in a public setting? Is it acceptable to smoke indoors or would you rather step outside? No matter your stance, one thing we can agree on is that when the urge to vape arises, you want the best juice possible. At Dominant, that is what we provide. Shop our wide selection here.

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  • Nick Jennings on

    I don’t vape in a public store unless its ok to. Most vape shops allow vaping so that goes without saying. I was walking into my local Walmart yesterday and noticed a sign i have never seen before, “No Smoking inside store, including ECIGS”. I have only done this once and it was with my old evod setup when i very first started vaping. Other than that one occasion, no, i wait until i leave a public store. You have to keep others in consideration.

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