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How to Avoid Rookie Vaping Mistakes

Vaping Tips & Tricks for Beginners

Are you new to vaping? As with any new aspect in your life, you will experience a few fumbles here and there. Here are a few tips that will ensure you are vaping pro in no time.

Before you throw out the instructions, give them a perusal. They will ensure you know exactly how to use and care for your vape. In the instructions you will learn about what is and is not acceptable vape behavior. Such as how to fill the atomizer. Overfilling will prevent the vape from working since the excess juice clogs the battery.

Make sure that your vape is always charged. A great way to get into the habit is to charge it alongside your telephone. This will ensure your vape is ready to go when you are.

Never use subpar juice in your vape. Their ingredients are questionable and offer a horrible experience. That is not how anyone should experience vaping.

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