Cessation of Services to Utah

As of today, we will no longer be accepting orders of any product from Dominant Vapor to the State of Utah. This is due to Utah HB 0415. You can read the full text of the Bill by clicking this link.

This legislation reclassifies vaping products as tobacco products in the state of Utah and places “restrictions on mail order or Internet sales.”  We are deeply saddened by this development. It is an unfortunate result of the miseducation of government officials on the differences between tobacco products and vaping products. However, if you are an Utah vaper, you can still fight back against this oppressive regulation.

You can let your legislators know about your displeasure with this law by clicking this link to look up your Utah Representatives and Senators. You can then use the following links to find whether or not they voted for HB 0415:

House Voting Record

Senate Voting Record

If you find that your Senator or Congressperson voted for this bill, let them know the effect this law is having on your life and express your disappointment. If they voted against it, thank them for their support but also reinforce the negative impact this bill has had on your life. It is extremely important that you let your opinion be known.

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