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Changes due to FDA Filing

Regulation Store News

We understand that change is often not a good thing, especially when it comes to eliminating options that some are accustomed to ordering.  With the FDA Deeming Regulations in place we must file our product listing before 5/31/17 in order to comply and remain in business.  In order to reduce the burden of filing our products with the FDA, we will me making some reductions to the options that are currently available sometime between 5/1/17 and 5/31/17 as follows:

Bottle Sizes:

30 ml
60 ml (two 30 ml)
120 ml
240 ml (two 120 ml)
480 ml
960 ml (two 480 ml)

We will be eliminating the 50 ml and 100 ml sizes and introducing a 120 ml glass dropper option that will be comparably priced with the 100 ml option that is being eliminated.  This will also force a change to our Bonus Offers program sample sizes as follows:

Order $25.00:  30 ml Sample e Liquid for $0.99.
Order $40.00:  Reduced shipping cost.
Order $60.00:  Earn an additional 30 ml Sample e Liquid for $0.99.
Order $75.00:  Free shipping
Order $100.00:  Earn an additional 120 ml Sample e Liquid for $2.99.

Flavor Strength Options:

We will be reducing the flavor strength options from 5 to 3 based upon sales with the 2 least ordered option being eliminated:

Strong (Full Flavor)
Intense (Overpowering)
Insane (Sharp/Pungent)

The eliminated options will be Light & Flavorful.

VG % Options:

VG % options will be reduces from 8 to 5 as follows:

30% VG
50% VG
60% VG
70% VG
Max VG

The eliminated options are: 20% VG, 40% VG, and 80% VG since the Max VG option runs 74-86% VG.

Nicotine Options:

The nicotine strength options will be reduced from 10 to 7 as follows:

0 mg/ml
1 mg/ml
2 mg/ml
3 mg/ml
6 mg/ml
12 mg/ml
18 mg/ml

The eliminated options are 4 mg/ml, 5 mg/ml, 9 mg/ml.

Flavor Options:

We will be reducing the current flavor options from 97 to 85 by eliminating the 10 least popular flavors as follows:

Craving Candy Choco Mint
Orange Drank
Bananas Foster
Southern Sweet Tea
Craving Candy Toffee
Icy Melons
Black Licorice
Twisted Tobacco
Peach Tobacco

These flavors will remain available until the current stock of flavoring is exhausted.

These changes will reduce the number of variants from the current 271,600 (2800 X 97 flavors) to 26,775 (315 X 85 flavors).  This is a tremendous reduction in the workload to about 10% and we believe we will still have a product that can be used by every current and future customer.  If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to Contact Us or message us on Facebook.

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  • Dominant Vapor on

    Yes, we are remaining in business for the time being. Whether the end of finished products will come in Aug. 2018 or Aug. 2019 has yet to be determined. We are still holding out hope that the predicate date will be changed since all of our liquids were on the market on 7/31/16 and most have been on the market since 6/1/15. We do plan on launching a DIY option this summer as a contingency business plan. Should the finished product market go dark, as many expect it will if there are no changes to the current regulations, the DIY option may be the only remaining option to get liquids comparable to the current market.

  • Lisa Richard on

    So basically you are staying in business just downsizing some options and bonuses right!?

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