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Customizing e-Liquid

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The Growing Trend

Vaping has spread like wildfire across the globe. With it being a cheaper alternative to smoking cigarettes, many people are opting for this growing trend. Smoke shops and gas stations provide different flavors and levels, but none offer customized e-Liquids. That’s where Dominant Vapors comes in.

Dominant Vapors 

Say hello to the perfect e-Liquid for you. Dominant Vapors offers an innovative customization to ensure your juice is perfect for each hit you take. The customization guide contains five levels for you to select from: taste, VG %, nicotine, your device, and vape power. While other companies allow you to adjust the flavor, it usually ends up being a guessing game about how much. Choose wrong and you’ll end up throwing it away with the money you wasted on it. Not only does Dominant Vapors extensively test every flavor offered, but we adjust the amount to guarantee it tastes perfect in your device. In the rare instance you’re not satisfied with your juice, we will remake it and replace it for free.

Visit us at to view the multitude of flavors we offer, learn more about customizing your e-Liquid, or shop for other vaping supplies.

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