Dominant Vapor’s Five Levels of eLiquid Customization

Dominant Vapor offers customization on all eLiquids in order to create the perfect flavor experience every time. Learn about our five customization levels below.



From Light to Insane, choose from five different taste levels. If you’re courageous—or enjoy a sharp, pungent flavor—choose Insane. If you just want a hint of flavor, go with Light for a mild vape experience.



Your VG% is dependent on whether you want more throat hit or more clouds. If you want more throat hit or have an older tank or Cartomizer, go with a lower percentage. If you want thicker clouds, choose a higher percentage.



Want higher throat hit? Go for a higher nicotine level. For high-power devices, we recommend 0-6 mg/ml because higher amounts on those devices can have a harsher throat hit.



If you have multiple devices, choose the one that you use more frequently. The customization of the flavor will vary depending on the type of device you’re using.


Vape Power

What wattage do you normally use to vape? Select the right wattage, so you can enjoy the perfect eLiquid flavor.


Ready to get started? Browse our website to find your custom eLiquid flavor today!


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