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End Of Vaping May Be Closer Than We Thought

We all had a breath of relief when the FDA pushed back the deadline for Premarket Authorizations by 4 years, but what you may not know is the end of vaping may be closer than 2022.

In November 2019 all manufacturers are required to submit to the FDA a series of tests called HPHC's (Harmful and Potentially Harmful Constituents). While important information may be gained from extensive testing, the cost of this testing is solely the responsibility of the manufacturer costing hundreds of thousands to millions of dollars to test 5 separate samples of every variant sold.  Even more, no manufacturer has been prepare for this task as it is now February and the FDA has still not released a guidance to let anyone know what needs to be tested.

As it stands at the moment, November 2019 will spell the end for 90% of the e-juice manufacturers in the US.  There is also little hope as the Democratic Party, who has been blocking any and all pro-vaping legislation for years, is in control of the House of Representatives.  There is zero chance any legislation will make it to the floor for a vote.  The say they want to "Protect the Kids".  Sounds like a noble cause and who wouldn't support it.  What they don't realize is that without vaping smoking rates will rise again in youth and adults.  We will have another generation destined to die at a young age in a slow painful death from cancer, heart disease, COPD or emphysema.

So where is there any hope?  The FDA is the only hope out there at the moment, but with their actions they have demonstrated that they continue to favor the big tobacco companies that have been poisoning generation after generation with full knowledge of the harm their products cause.  They have created loopholes in the regulations that will allow companies that sell vapor products that are owned by big tobacco to remain in business while the rest of the industry is left exempt from these loopholes.

So whats the bottom line.  In December 2019 your preferred vapor product may become unavailable.  What will happen to the millions of Americans that quit with vapor products.  Only time will tell, but the outlook looks grim.

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