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How to Create Your Custom Vape Juice

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Custom E-Liquids

If there is one benefit to vaping it lies in the juice. E-liquids come in a variety of flavors and nicotine levels. We are not kidding when we say that e-liquids come in all flavors. Is your sweet tooth demanding a taste of something sweet? You can choose from toffee, cotton candy, or butterscotch ripple. For a refreshing smoke, choose a mint flavor. There are so many flavors to choose from that the combinations are endless. If you would rather customize your own liquid. It is shockingly simple to do when working with the right company.

At Dominant Vapor, we actually allow you to go beyond our line. We have a five stage custom system that yields your perfect e-liquid. It starts with choosing the intensity of the flavor, a choice of VG, nicotine, and your device.

Please visit our site today to learn how you can create your own e-liquid. We guarantee that you will be more than satisfied with your juice. Or for additional questions, please contact us here.


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