Public Announcement from our President

We have been losing the battle of public opinion for quite some time now. Today even the President has suggested a nationwide ban on flavored e-liquids. He has apparently crumbled to public pressure because the media has been spewing lies about vaping for so long that the majority of people in the country think that vaping is just as bad as smoking.
It is time to get concerned, but not panic. There currently is no law on the books, but it seems if it makes it to Trump's desk he will sign it. Even if this happens, the industry will find a way to keep adults off traditional cigarettes. The process may become more complicated with components being sold separately, but we are an innovative industry comprised of former smokers who are trying to help former and current smokers to kick the nicotine habit for good. We know our products work and those of us who got into this industry to help smokers will continue to help.
I started Dominant Vapor to help others go down the same path as I did after the loss of my brother to cancer. I personally have made the decision to keep a small amount of nicotine in my e-juice because after 24 years of cigarettes I just didn't feel right without the addiction, but I am less addicted today than I was when I came off cigarettes and that is my personal choice.
I didn't do this to make a fortune and in fact I haven't. I have remained committed to making sure that our customers have the highest quality products that we could possibly produce and the results have shown in the number of people who have completed the journey to a life without addiction. Our sales are down 50% over just 3 years ago. This may seem like a bad thing to most business owners, but his was the business model that I created and it was a losing one from the start.  I view this as a completion of my journey. Most of those haven't moved on to other products from other companies and they havent gone back to smoking. They have completed their journey to a healthier life without nicotine and I am proud to have been a part of helping them get there. For those who are still on their journey or those who, like me, will possibly never complete that journey we will be here to help those.
Today I declare war. I am committed more than ever to those who are on their journey that I will fight until the end. They may bankrupt me with fines, they may even throw me in jail, but until then I am committed to you.  And if that day comes that I have been beaten into submission, I will give it all away. My recipes and proprietary information about our products will become public for anyone who wants to complete their journey. I will leave the industry with nothing and complete my journey through life knowing that I did everything I can to save lives and knowing that the millions of people that have died at the hands of tobacco will still have a voice.
Christopher Wanner
Dominant Vapor, LLC
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