WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

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Why the FDA’s new e-cigarette regulations are a gift to Big Tobacco (and could actually harm public health)

From the Washington Post By Jonathan H. Adler Today the Food and Drug Administration finalized regulations asserti...

New Study: Electronic Cigarettes Vapor Has NO Toxic Effect

In a recent study, scientists have found electronic cigarette vapor has NO toxic effect on the cells found in human l...

The difference between a traditional cigarette and an electronic cigarette

View the difference between a traditional cigarette and an electronic cigarette (vapor product), as it is captured on...

Warning! Batteries + Keys = 3rd Degree Burns

A Texas man is worried people may be in danger after he was severely burned when his e-cigarette batteries caught fir...

British Study Examines Cost-Benefit Ratio of Electronic Cigarettes

It would be a public health tragedy if smokers were discouraged from switching to electronic cigarettes and vapers we...

New study proves there is no second-hand vaping

New study proves there is no second-hand vaping: e-cigarette aerosol contains less volatile compounds than normal exh...

Aldehydes study shows why we should avoid dry hits

This study illustrates why we should all be using a low power device or a temperature control high power device at ...

E-cigarette vapour has NO toxic effect and is as safe as AIR, shock study claims

July 15, 2015 By Jasper Hamill Tobacco giant uses smoking robot and human lung cells to test the health risks of ...

Confused about diacetyl? You should be

3 Jul 2015 — By Oliver Kershaw Two prominent Vapestore businesses have recently removed from sale e-liquids they ...

E-cigarettes and health — here's what the evidence actually says

by Julia Belluz on June 26, 2015   Stepping into the health debate around electronic cigarettes is a m...
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