What is the Best Vaping Temperature for E-Juices?

Dominant Vapor e-juices come in a number of different flavors and can be customized for intensity, nicotine level, and so on – but what’s the best temperature setting to use, if you have that option?

With our Dominant Vapor e-juices, you’ll need to use a different setting than you would use for a concentrate. E-juices are generally vaporized with e-cigs, vape tanks, or mods, some of which allow the vaper to enter a specific temperature while others only allow a range and others don’t allow the vaper to control the temperature at all. Some only allow you to set the wattage, in which case a higher wattage is hotter than a lower wattage.

The lowest setting you can vape at is 212 °F or 100 °C – in other words, the boiling point of water. However, e-juice vaporized at such a low temperature will taste flavorless and weak. The high end of the vaping range is 482 Fahrenheit or 250 Celsius, but e-juice vaporized at such a high setting will also lose most of its potential flavor. In some cases, it could even have a burnt flavor.

So, what’s the sweet spot? The best starting point for a beginner is probably 300 °F, which will provide excellent flavor without being too harsh. Once you’re used to this temperature, you’ll want to find your own personal sweet spot somewhere around 390 to 420 Fahrenheit for a good flavor with a reasonably strong hit, or between 420 and 450 °F if you want a stronger hit. Anything over 450 °F will have less flavor and may be too warm.

As you can see, the answer is simple – start at 300 °F and work your way up based on your personal tastes. Be sure to check the Dominant Vapor website for all your favorite flavors!

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