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Replacement Coils

Quality Replacement Coils

The coil plays an important role in your vaping device. A typical vape coil is made up of wire, which is wrapped in some type of wicking material. The wicking material absorbs the e liquid you put into your device, and when you active your equipment, the device’s battery heats the coil, vaporizing the liquid.

We offer a variety of trustworthy premium coil pack options to choose from, including:

  • Joyetech Coil (including the Ego Coil)
  • Crown Coil
  • Aspire Coil
  • Eleaf Coil
  • Horizon Tech Coil
  • Innokin Coils
  • Kangertech Coils
  • Sense Coils
  • Smok Coils

And more…

Don’t trust your vape device with just any replacement coil brand. Our selection of premium coils features brands that we know and trust, and that we’ve tested extensively. If you need a suggestion on the best replacement coil for your particular device, let us know.