2021 Reopening Schedule

Update to shipping policy effective 8/30/21:

Due to the ever changing threats to our business from regulation and shipping bans, we are beginning to concentrate our business on our retail distribution channels. We remain committed to serving our online customers with the same high quality products you have come to know and love, but we may not be shipping your orders quite as quickly as you have come to know from us.
Beginning Monday 8/30/21, all orders will be shipped within 2-3 business days instead of the 24 hours that has been our policy since we started so many years ago. We understand this is a major change, but this is absolutely necessary in order for us to continue to make our products available online.


2021 Reopening Schedule

Note: States that are not full Green will be able to put together a cart, but will not have any shipping rates come up and will be unable to complete the order.

Please note dates shown are subject to change so check back regularly as this page will be updated multiple times per week.  See the legend to determine the approximate reopening date for your state based upon it's color.
Due to additional shipping services now required by law, Adult Signature Required is now included in all shipping rates.  An adult over the age of 21 must be present when the USPS delivers to sign.  If no one or no one of age is present, you may be required to pickup the package on the next business day at the local post office.  Packages are almost never available for pickup on the same day that the delivery was attempted.
Due to the increase in costs for shipping, rates have been corrected to reflect volume discounts at the following amounts: $40.00, $75.00, $100.00 and $150.00 now has free shipping.  An adult over the age of 21 must be present to sign at delivery.

The filing requirements of the implementation of the PACT Act has also forced us to increase our labor costs significantly as there is a tremendous amount of paperwork that needs to be filed monthly.  We had initially planned to implement a price increase across the board, but since many of the taxes currently implemented as well as new taxes that may come in the future are based upon the price of the product we decided that that would only benefit the states that are adding these taxes.  We made the decision to make up that difference by suspending the Bonus Offers program instead so that no more taxes go to these states than is necessary. While that may seem unfair to those in states without taxes, we feel that this is an opportunity for the the vaping community to stand together as one no matter where you live and to keep prices low for all.

The one change that will affect everyone will be in the area of shipping costs.  The PACT Act has limited our shipping options to USPS only at the moment with Adult Signature Service being required which will be adding some additional cost.  Whenever the USPS finalizes their policy, there may be another change in the shipping to a slower delivery service outside of the big 4 (UPS, FedEx, USPS & DHL) and there is always the possibility of another shutdown.

The Clouds Rewards program will remain in effect in its entirety with referrals still providing an opportunity to gain tremendous discounts. The only price increase that will be implemented at this time will be in the Liquid Syndicates e-liquid packages.  There still will be a discount over regular prices, but it will be slightly reduced.

These taxes are also adding a new level of complexity to this process:
States with no markings (other than color) will not have any tobacco taxes due at this time.  Sales taxes will still be collected where applicable/

States that have a "T" marked on them will have taxes in the form of an  additional percentage of the order included in the checkout.

States that are marked with an asterisk (*) have ¢/ml taxes.  These taxes must be added to your cart before checkout.  Failure to add these taxes will result in a separate invoice being sent via email and could result in delays in shipping.  Please click here to view or add taxes to checkout.
In states with tobacco taxes on nicotine containing liquids only, the tax burden can be reduced by those comfortable in doing so by purchasing 0 mg/ml e-liquid and purchasing small amounts of our DIY nicotine product to add on your own. We suggest this only be attempted by those with the knowledge and proper safety equipment to do so (contact us for more information). This includes previously reopened states like:
  • Colorado
  • Kansas
  • Louisiana
  • Maryland
  • North Carolina
  • Ohio
  • West Virginia

Our DIY Tutorial is now available here:

Click for DIY E-Juice Tutorial

As always we are here to answer your questions.  We will also be here to help anyone that would like to make the switch to DIY to save money and/or avoid taxes for finished e-liquid products.  Please submit a Contact Us Form or message us with Facebook Messenger.

Happy Vaping!


Age restricted products. Enter only if at least 21 years of age. Electronic age verification is performed on all orders by Veratad Technologies Agematch. All orders are shipped with Adult Signature Required for delivery.


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