WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.
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Juice Ordering Guide - PECS System Guide/Flavor Meters

PECS Customization System Guide -  Customize your e Liquid like never before with 5 Levels of customization.  Simply select options before adding the item to your cart.

Typical Selections:

1)  Taste - How do you like your flavor.  Do not select a higher flavor level just because you are ordering a high VG product.  We already take this into account for you when we create your order.  Just tell us what you expect out of the finished product.

  • Flavorful - a delicate, smooth flavor.
  • Strong - a robust, full flavor.
  • Intense - a potent vape that has overpowering flavor.
  • Insane - a sharp, pungent vape that is only recommended for the most sophisticated and courageous to enjoy.

    2)  VG% - Select your desired PG/VG Ratio. More PG = more throat hit. More VG = more clouds.

    • 30% VG - Best for older tanks that don't wick very well and Cartomizers
    • 50%-60% VG - Best for most tanks and RTA's
    • 70% VG - Best for newer tanks and RTA's that have adjustable or oversize wick holes
    • Max VG - Super thick and maximum clouds.
    For the Max VG option, actual VG% will vary based on flavor option selected as our flavoring is PG based.

    Average actual VG% for Max VG by flavor:

    Flavorful - 86%
    Strong - 84%
    Intense - 82%
    Insane - 80%

    3) Nicotine - Select the desire nicotine level. More nicotine will give more throat hit.  For high power devices RDA/RTA/Sub-ohm tanks we recommend 0 to 6 mg/ml. 9, 12, or 18 mg/ml may have a harsh throat hit in these devices.

      Here is where the evolution starts:

      4) Your Device - Select your preferred device.  If you have multiple devices or you are not sure, select the device you use most.  Flavor will be customized for that device.  Flavor is made stronger as you go down the list.  For example, if you use Cartomizer juice in an RDA it will taste much stronger.

      • Dripper (RDA)
      • Super Sub-Ohm Tank - High cloud producing tank designed to run at 100+ Watts like the TFV8 or TFV12.
      • Sub-Ohm Tank - Pre-built coil heads less than 1.0 ohms
      • Rebuildable Tank (RTA/RBA)
      • 1.0+ Ohm Tank - Pre-built coils heads more than 1.0 ohms
      • Cartomizer - Cigalike small size eCig with refillable cartridges or refillable pod systems.

      5) Vape Power - Typical wattage setting on the device you use to vape (If your device has no setting, we recommend to use the < 20 watts option).  This is used to fine tuning of the flavor to go from really good to wow that's perfect!

      Flavor Meters:

      We have adding three flavor meters to each flavor we offer.

      The first meter is the Flavor Darkness meter:

      This meter shows how clear or dark the liquid will appear.  Keep in mind the liquid may be darker with higher flavor levels like Intense or Insane flavor options and typically becomes darker as the product steeps with most flavors.

      A darkness rating of 0 means the liquid will be clear.  A darkness rating of 5 means the liquid will be very dark.

      The second meter is the Coil Friendly meter:

      This meter shows how long your coils will last using the particular flavor.  This is based upon our testing and your results may vary depending upon the coil you are using in your device.  Whether your using a sub-ohm tank, a 1.0+ ohm tank, or a cartomizer, this meter will help you select flavors that can make your coils last longer.

      What the coil freindly meter numbers mean:

      • 4-5 means the flavor will run very clean and make your coils last longer than normal* (5 is better than 4)
      • 2-3 means the flavor will make you coils last an average amount of time* (3 is better than 2)
      • 1 means the flavor will make your coils last less than an average amount of time*
      • 0 means that the flavor may have a high tendency to gunk up on certain coils and is recommended for re-buildable tanks and drippers*

      * These results are based upon our testing, our equipment and our vaping styles.  Your results with your particular coil, equipment, and vaping style may vary.

       The third meter is the Throat Hit meter:

      This meter shows the amount of throat hit.  Keep in mind the amount of flavoring and nicotine strength will highly affect the throat hit.  For example a Light flavor profile will not have as strong of a throat hit as the Insane flavor profile and a 3 mg nicotine will have a lighter throat hit than an 18 mg will.

      A throat hit rating of 0 means there will be little to no throat hit (extremely smooth).  A throat hit rating of 5 means there will be a very strong, intense throat hit.

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