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Satisfaction Guarantee

Dominant Vapor offers a satisfaction guarantee with all e Liquid products.  We understand that no customer will like every flavor that we offer and it may take a few orders to find your favorite flavors and your preferred flavor profile.

If you are not 100% satisfied with the product you receive we will replace it and ship along with your next order.  Never again will you spend your hard earned money only to get juice that is not quite right.  If you do not wish to place another order there will be a shipping charge.

Before requesting a replacement bottle we do recommend to steep for a bit.  Click here for steeping information.

Limited to 3 bottles (30 ml or 60 ml) per order per calendar month.  You must use the same bottle size as on the original order.  The satisfaction guarantee does not apply to reduced price sample bottles.  Bottles replaced under the Satisfaction Guarantee do not qualify for re-replacement.  We will discontinue honoring this offer to any customer that we deem to be abusing this satisfaction guarantee at our discretion.

9/1/15 Our Satisfaction Guarantee has been expanded to cover the newly added 120 ml and 240 ml bottle sizes.  Due to our super low prices on 120 and 240 ml bottles, we will replace these size bottles, but there will be a small charge.  The 120 ml replacement bottle is $4.99 and the 240 ml replacement bottle is $9.99.  Please try ordering a 30 ml or 60 ml bottle size before going to these large bulk sizes.

7/31/16 Wholesale options have been added to the website with bottle sizes of 480 ml and 960 ml.  These size bottles will not be covered by this satisfaction guarantee in any way shape or form.  Please do not order these sizes until you are very familiar with that particular flavor.

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