Because our ingredients are fresh and your E-Juice is made to order, we advise that you may want to let it steep a little before you vape.  Most flavors will be good to vape by the time it is shipped to your home, but they will also get better with time.  Conversely some flavors will need a week or even two weeks to steep before you use it.  We print a vape ready date on every bottle which gives the recommended steep time with a proper steeping method (shown below).

Steeping requires patience.  Follow these steps:

Step 1 - Remove the cap.  Squeeze out any air inside and allow fresh air to enter the bottle.  Be careful not to spill any of that E-Juice goodness.  Then put the cap back on.

Step 2 - Give the bottle a good shake and we mean shake it!  E-Juice is very viscous (especially high VG juice), so lots of shaking is required for mixing.  You should see lots of air bubbles form within the liquid.

Step 3 - Place your E-Juice in a cool, dark place.  A shoe box is a great option or on a closet shelf.  Remember prolonged exposure to direct sunlight can degrade the product, so when your not using the product, keep the bottle stored in a cool, dark place.

Step 4 - Repeat steps 1-3 daily (squeeze, shake, and store). After 3-4 days you may start to see a color change.  Some flavors will change only slightly and some will have a much greater change.  Take a flavor test.  Not happy yet?  Let it steep a bit more.  Most E-Juice will have an improved flavor after 3-4 days, be fantastic after 1 week, and be superb after 1 month, but it can vary by flavor.  You can steep for however long you want as all of our E-Juice products are good for 6 months from the creation date printed on the bottle.

If you are not satisfied with your E-Juice at any time, please take advantage of our Satisfaction Guarantee.  We will make it right guaranteed.  Limitations apply.


Age restricted products. Enter only if at least 21 years of age. Electronic age verification is performed on all orders by Veratad Technologies Agematch. All orders are shipped with Adult Signature Required for delivery.


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