WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.
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Regardless of what coil you chose, Smok TFV12 Replacement Coils offer massive vapor production and great flavor.  Each has it's own distinctive characteristics.

V12-Q4 produce silky smooth vapor with its wide open airflow.  A large diameter quadruple coils in which air flows through the center of the coil with no restrictions.  This by far is one of the smoothest replacement coils.

  • 60-190W
  • 90-160W Recommended

V12-X4 are a happy medium between flavor and vapor production. Two quadruple coils placed alongside each other to increase density and bring out deep flavor.

  • 60-220W
  • 100-170W Recommended

V12-T6 are excellent for those that like to chain vape.  Featuring 3 large diameter dual coils with 3 wick ports to ensure maximum liquid saturation and prevent dry hits.

  • 90-320W
  • 120-180W Recommended
V12-T8 Replacement Coils lean more towards vapor production with its octuplet coil design. The coil head itself consist of 8 coils to produce thick plumes of vapor with rich flavor. Its right before V12-T12 in terms of power.
  • 70-320W
  • 120-200W Recommended

V12-T12 are the premier coil for the Smok TFV12 tank. This insane replacement coil features a a duodinary twelve coil cylinder to provide unsurpassed amount of vapor capability.

  • 60-350W Range
  • 130-200W Recommended
Compatible with Smok TFV12


    TFV12 Replacement Coils 3 Pack by Smok

    $ 11.99

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